How I got my 2 Month Climbing Membership for $38

Alright, people.

I’ve been approached a zillion times to promote this or that company, many of which offer a “free” product if you pay $20 in shipping that takes 6 weeks to get to you. I have declined or been unresponsive to most and I’ve been hesitant and picky about those I picked to promote because for some reason y’all trust me and I take that seriously.

So when I saw Rakuten posted by an influencer, I first, thought he’d been hacked, and secondly approached it with suspicion. However, after I read a ton of reviews and did research, I found out it’s a legit site that can give you some pretty decent cash back on deals using the app or a browser extension for those on a compy.

Still cautious, I tried it myself before promoting it. I have been getting my rock climbing membership to Hangar 18 through Groupon for over a year, and it was time to renew. All I did was log into the Rakuten app, click on the Groupon offer to “activate” it, find my gym membership and buy as I normally would.

Because I am a new user, I got $10 back for my first purchase of $25 (or more), and another $4.24 as a “rebate” on top of that. Then, at the end of the month $14.24 showed up in my Paypal account. This means my $52 membership only actually cost me $38.

Hand to God, that is exactly how it happened. So. Here we are.

Besides Groupon, there are a ton of other companies you can use, including Amazon, Backcountry,, Disney, Walgreens… the list goes on.  Some stores will offer double cash back–for example, as I write this, Backcountry is giving 8% back. There are some companies where you can use the app in store and get cash back there, too.

A couple of things I’ve learned with the people I’ve referred so far:

  1. You have to purchase $25 or more to get the $10 initial cash back
  2. It can take a few days for the rebate to show, but if it does not you can put your order number into the app to check on it
  3. You have to access the store through the app for it to work


Hiking gear and outdoor activities can become super expensive, so any little bit helps. Like I said, I wouldn’t be promoting it it if it didn’t work. Here’s my referral link you decide to try it out!

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