Sunset Peak

TrailheadGlendora Ridge Road
Length: 6 miles
Elevation Gain: 1400 ft.
Difficulty: Advanced Moderate (completely exposed)
Total time: 3.5 hours
Dogs: Wouldn’t recommend on this trail.
Parking: Parking at trail head (free)

Full disclosure on this write up. I’ve been to Sunset Peak twice. The first time there was a sunset to behold. The write up I’m doing now is based on the second trip, which involved a ton of cloud cover and no sunset.

I mean, the sun set and everything. It’s not like it was permanently stuck in the sky. I just mean we couldn’t see it because of clouds.

“More like NO sunset peak,” I grumbled (har har).


There are two ways to get up to Sunset Peak, one up the booorrrrring fire road, or the way we went, which was up the ridge. The fireroad is easy to spot because it’s a fire road. It’s right in front of you, looking all fire-road-y.  The ridge route is a small path to the left if you’re facing the peak from the parking lot.

At the start of the trip, the organizer for the group was like, “Oh, this isn’t a hard route, it’s like the second short cut at Potato Mountain, not like east face.”

Very shortly I learned that he’s a liar liar pants on fire.


Most parts of this hike on the ridge are very East Face-onian. Lots of  ascending. Then some descending to ascend again.  Climbing. A bit of bouldering. Do-able, but a heart pumper.

After the first long stretch on the ridge, you will be dumped off at the fire road. Look for the trail off to the left, just a small ways up.


This second trail is much shorter than the first and will take you to the peak. This is the final stretch that will lead you to the peak. You’ll know you’re there because you’ll see a weird tin roof (rusty!) on the ground.


As you can see, not a lot of Sunset here.

We made up for the lack of sunsets with a solid potluck. I brought the important item, a.k.a. Circus Animal Cookies because NOM NOM NOM.


I’d recommend Sunset Peak for moderate/advanced hikers who are interested in a challenge. If you’re a beginner and the ridge way seems too tough, you can always take the fire road.

As of May 2017, Lazy Ass Hiking is planning this trek with the potluck at the top on a monthly basis. Check out the calendar on their Meetup page.


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