Skyline Drive

Trailhead: Foothill, just past Trudy in Corona
12 miles to the Doppler (a.k.a. that golf ball thingy)
Elevation Gain: 1960 ft.
Difficulty: Moderately strenuous
Total time: 4-5 hours
Dogs: Yes
Parking: Parking is free along Foothill

Skyline is a hike that you can make as long as you’d like. The Lazy Asses and I do a five mile hike every Tuesday and Thursday in the evening during the winter; however, if you have time you can make this a long day hike up to Beek’s Place and the Doppler further up.

Beek’s Place was a stone cabin built in the 1930s by a politician, Joseph Beek who used it as a vacation home. It’s now just a pile of rocks and some rusty machinery, but it feels cool and old western-y. The Doppler is a weather instrument that reminds me of Epcot Center except not as cool. The top offers really great views of the Inland Empire and Orange County. On clear days you can actually see the ocean.

HAHAHAHA “clear” days in Southern California. That’s hilarious.

Annnnyway, what’s great about Skyline is that you can take the fire road the entire way up if you’re a beginner, OR you can challenge yourself by taking a series of “short cuts” that are to the right of the trail. These short cuts are not easier. They’re quite steep and I curse myself every time I make the decision to take them, but I suppose they make me stronger and more conditioned for harder climbs or whatever, so that’s why I do them.

One thing of note about this trail is that it is EXTREMELY exposed. There are points that you feel like you’re Moses wandering the desert. Because of that, I recommend you get there very early, or do it as a sunset hike. If you decide to make the mistake of doing it during the heat of the day, wear sunscreen and a hat, because you’re going to bake like a fried egg on a side walk.

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