Bonita Falls

Photo: @trashfreeearth

Trailhead:  Exit the 15 freeway at Sierra Ave. Proceed under the freeway. The road will turn into Lytle Creek. Continue up Lytle Creek for about five miles until you see the lots on your left hand side.  
 2 miles
Elevation Gain: 300 ft.
Difficulty: Easy
Total time: 1 hours
Dogs: Yes
Parking: There are lots a the trailhead. You need an adventure pass which you can purchase at any sporting goods store.

Bonita Falls is a 100 foot waterfall in the Lytle Creek area of San Bernardino. This is one of the highest waterfalls in Southern California. The trail is also great for kids and makes a great family hike.

One thing of note about this hike is that it is full of graffiti and trash, which detracts from the beautiful scenery. For the life of me I will never understand why people think it’s okay to put their artistic spin on nature. STOP IT. Nature doesn’t need your help in this aspect. Destroying it and leaving your mark does not make you cool.

In January of 2016 Trash Free Earth organized a clean up, removing over 300 lbs of trash from the trail and we barely scratched the surface. If you do travel along this trail (or any trail, really), I encourage you to take a trash bag and some gloves with you. At the very least, don’t leave anything behind, including “bio degradable” items (orange peels, etc.). If you wouldn’t leave it in your back yard, don’t leave it on the trail.



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